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Assuring a Professional Association

No matter how big or how little, your association is a business in front of your members and the public at large. When it comes to your association, make it a profession and not a hobby. Just because your directors are part time and your leaders are volunteers does not mean that the association should not take its matters seriously and approach its business and its mission in a professional manner. The Leipper Management Group can help you be a professional association by putting professional association management behind your efforts.

Looking professional

Clean. Neat. Organized. Well thought out. Consistent. Dependable. Thorough. Does your organization have a logo and a stationary design that is carefully used for all association correspondence? Are faxes sent from your association with a proper cover sheet and sent straight with no artifacts? A little bit of attention to detail can make your association look professional without significant costs.

Being professional

It's the little things as well as the big things. It's an attitude and a set of values. Is your association one where things just work or is it constantly moving from crisis to crisis? Do disasters and unexpected events steer your course or are they accommodated, planned for, and minimized? A professionally run association takes care of business, plans effectively, and executes efficiently. The Leipper Management Group can help maximize the professional status of your association while minimizing costs.

Additional information for association leaders

What we don't do - we respect the expertise, experience, and certification of professionals in other fields and suggest that your association form partnerships to cover specialized needs.

The Leipper Management Group Leader's Guide - About the business of running an association.

The Leipper Management Group Director's and Officer's Orientation Guide - What are the responsibilities and duties of association officers and directors.

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