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Event and Program Services for Associations

When your association puts together special activities such as a conference or special meeting or some other special event, the Leipper Management Group is ready to help make sure that the association efforts produce the desired result.

Volunteer management

Volunteers work best with a management that works at a peer level promoting full participation and depending upon intangible motivations. Volunteers can bring a wide variety of skills to a project and often must schedule around other interests. The Leipper Management Group has significant experience in assisting volunteer teams to create success in events and projects.


Avoid surprises and unexpected costs or implications. Use the experience of people who have 'been there, done that.' Your event may be big enough not to need the services of a dedicated events planning professional but it certainly could use the support and assistance of association management professionals with extensive involvement in planning and presenting association events.


When you seek to get the word out you are not only letting the public know about your event, you are also letting the public know about your association. The Leipper Management Group can help you prepare public service announcements, web pages, and other basic publicity materials that will reflect the professionalism of your association. This direct publicity effort can be integrated with all other aspects of the event to assure that all participants are presented with a coordinated and coherent image of a successful and businesslike association.

Registration Management

Keeping track of who will attend your event, collecting fees, and preparing registration materials requires close integration of publicity, bookkeeping, and information services functions. The Leipper Management Group can help you make sure that you collect the information and money you need in the time frame you need it using all possible avenues so that your association's event participants will remember the event and not what they did to get there.

Site management

An event requires a place to hold it that will provide sufficient space and resources. Get the help you need to find the right place for your event at the right place with the right stuff. Let the Leipper Management Group help you maximize your event success at minimum cost.

Additional information for association leaders

What we don't do - we respect the expertise, experience, and certification of professionals in other fields and suggest that your association form partnerships to cover specialized needs.

The Leipper Management Group Leader's Guide - About the business of running an association.

The Leipper Management Group Director's and Officer's Orientation Guide - What are the responsibilities and duties of association officers and directors.

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