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Bookkeeping services for associations

Your financial records are a critical part of your association's history. Well kept financial records help you use past experience to plan new adventures. Current reports based on financial records assist directors in their oversight of association affairs. Hire the Leipper Management Group as your bookkeeper and integrate your association's day to day accounting functions for maximum effect at minimum cost.


Let your treasurer become an executive who coordinates the activities of association bookkeeping and works with a certified accountant for tax reporting and auditing. Directors can have ease of mind in association financial matters by using a three party segregation of duties to make sure that the books are properly managed and maintained. Segregating duties eases the burden on the association treasurer, reduces certified accounting costs, and provide better oversight of day to day financial transactions of your association.

Source records

Every payment and receipt should have a paper trail. Your association needs to have someone collect this paper and file it for the necessary period of time. The Leipper Management Group uses electronic document imaging for source records as well as paper files. This helps reduce loss of records and facilitates access and use.


Regular financial reports are necessary to monitor progress. Not only are reports provided on overall association financial health but reports can also be provided to help plan and guide major association projects and events.

Accounts receivable processing

Money that comes in needs to be noted in the books and perhaps also in a membership fulfillment system before it is deposited into the association's bank account. Make sure you know who paid what how and the purpose of the payment as well as any restrictions or obligations that are attached to the payment.

Accounts payable handling

You can arrange to have a petty cash account to take care of routine payments to make sure they are paid promptly with minimum hassle.

Association data integration

Your financial records serve a function in your association's operations. Payments are for membership dues, meeting registrations, donations, grants, or other activities. Your financial records must integrate into the membership fulfillment and other systems. The Leipper Management Group provides a high level of integration between these systems for maximum effect at minimum cost.

Additional information for association leaders

What we don't do - we respect the expertise, experience, and certification of professionals in other fields and suggest that your association form partnerships to cover specialized needs.

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