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Headquarters Services for Associations

Your association headquarters is the physical part of your association that goes on from year to year. It is how people can find you and it is where you keep records and knowledge that are needed to answer questions and remain accountable to the public. The Leipper Management Group can provide your association a headquarters that will avoid loosing knowledge or records through lean times as well as flush times.

Point of contact

Can people find your association when and how they want to? Do you have a telephone number answered by someone who can handle simple requests or take a message or forward a call as needed? Do you have a web site with good information and an e-mail address for those requesting additional information or offering a suggestion? Do you have an always on fax number? Do you have a mailing address, a shipping address, and a point of service address? Leipper Management Group clients have all of these points of contact for their associations.

Inquiry response

Once someone has found your association, what do you do to make sure that they get the response they need that reflects well on your association? Don't put telephone callers through voice mail hell - get a human to answer who knows the association. Don't let e-mail or other correspondence go un-answered . Make sure that those who have a question about or for your association get a prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable answer.

Business monitoring

Do you have someone watching out for you from day to day? The Leipper Management Group will keep an eye open for any news that might influence your association.

Inventory and records

There are association records that must be kept for several years for tax and legal purposes. There are other documents that record the history of the association and help in planning for the future and to avoid repeating mistakes. Don't depend upon passing these around between officers from year to year and hoping that nothing falls through the cracks. Make sure your records are properly stored, have good access controls, and are available to those who need them when they need them.

Board manual management

Keep your basic governance document set up to date, useful, and ready to hand. Your association web site will have an ID and password protected site containing all of the information needed by its directors to make good decisions.

Additional information for association leaders

What we don't do - we respect the expertise, experience, and certification of professionals in other fields and suggest that your association form partnerships to cover specialized needs.

The Leipper Management Group Leader's Guide - About the business of running an association.

The Leipper Management Group Director's and Officer's Orientation Guide - What are the responsibilities and duties of association officers and directors.

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