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Bulletin Services for Associations

Facilitate to-the-point communications with modern technologies to keep members, press, and others informed of association affairs.

Automated list management

In today's mobile society, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses change frequently. The Leipper Management Group employs custom software to integrate the association database with mail, fax, and e-mail systems both to assure that the most current address is used and to feed back information about addresses that don't get the message to the intended recipient.

Automated list management also means that you can select groups of people, such as officers, directors, members, or others for targeted announcements.

Facsimile broadcasting

Professional associations often find that fax bulletins are a fast and economical means to notify people of events and issues important to the association. The Leipper Management Group can make sure that your announcements are not only promptly dispatched but also present a consistent appearance that reflects professionally on your association.

E-mail broadcasting

Have you ever received an e-mail with a long list of addresses? The Leipper Management Group has the technical expertise to use e-mail properly so your association's e-mail bulletins will have a clean and professional appearance.


Postcards are a good way to mail announcements without full first class mail costs and with reduced mail preparation costs.


Your association should make sure that all of its materials in all media reflect a consistent and coherent appearance. The Leipper Management Group can help you make sure that you have a good design and that it is used properly.

Web posting

All announcements prepared for distribution via fax, e-mail, and postal mail will also be posted to the association website at no additional cost.

The Leipper Management Group can help you maximize the impact of your announcements at minimal cost.

Additional information for association leaders

What we don't do - we respect the expertise, experience, and certification of professionals in other fields and suggest that your association form partnerships to cover specialized needs.

The Leipper Management Group Leader's Guide - About the business of running an association.

The Leipper Management Group Director's and Officer's Orientation Guide - What are the responsibilities and duties of association officers and directors.

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