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Organization Headquarters Policies and Guidelines

Copyright and site use

When you express an idea, such as on a web site, you 'own' it and others can only use it in the manner you allow them to. The copyright and site usage policy describes how the Leipper Management Group allows you to use its web site pages.


This is how we suggest associations treat the data they collect about their members

Data usage

A bulletin about issues to consider in personal data privacy

Communications etiquette

Suggestions for keeping message communications civil and efficient.

Document formats

In order to better share documents with less hassle, we suggest creating documents that can be displayed by common software. Here are the guidelines and how you can obtain software to display documents on this web site if you do not already have it.

Association e-mail addresses

If your association owns a domain name, it can be used to facilitate association communications with an effective association e-mail address policy.

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