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Policy Considerations:
Membership Data Release

The issues regarding member and contact information involve privacy issues that are currently a topic of much public discussion. For instance Privacy Storm Clouds Gather, a column in Executive Edge published by Gartner and Forbes (October, November 2000 p. 19), talks about how people would rather risk fines than supply information. It recommends making a plan and publicizing that plan. The plan should show a move towards "permission-based/opt-in marketing" where potential targets are provided the opportunity to "convey that they don't wish to be marketed to. ... Always give clear instructions on how they can be removed from marketing lists."

To make such a plan or policy can be difficult. There are facts to keep in mind and many questions that must be answered in a manner that eliminates ambiguity yet allows flexibility.


Some of the facts that must be considered in the creation of such a policy are the following.


The policy and guide must answer at least the following questions thoroughly and without ambiguity.

These questions may only cover some of the issues involved. The association directors charged with creating a policy should consult with appropriately qualified individuals to provide assurance that due care was exercised in the preparation of the policy and related guidelines and materials including sample contracts and requesting forms.

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