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To make sure that everyone can use this site with a minimum of difficulty, all files are provided in common formats that are well established. The pages on this site do not use any special features of leading edge browsers or non standard features implemented by any particular software company. We make full use of volunteer developed software using publicly available file formats and specifications.

PDF files

When you click on a link for PDF or Portable Document Files, your browser may not show the file but instead show a dialog box that asks about saving the file to your computer. Save the file to your computer, make note of where you saved it, then download the PDF reader to be able to view or print the file.

Why do we use PDF files?

PDF or Portable Document Format is used to save documents where the layout and typography is important. These documents can be printed locally with a result nearly identical to the original. The PDF format specification is public and there are volunteer software programs the will read and display this format. A reader is also available for free from the company that developed the format for most common platforms.

Besides the document appearance issues, PDF also provides other features that assist in the security of sensitive documents.

How to get the free PDF reader?

PDF readers often come as a part of the standard software package with most new computers. If you do not have a reader for your machine, you can download it from the internet. Click on the following link.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files. Acrobat Reader

Be sure to download the version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader that is appropriate for your operating system. Adobe has readers for many common computing platforms and you must be sure to select the version to download that is designed to work with your system. Before you download, check to see what computing platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, OS2, palm, etc) you are using and which version (98, 2000, XP, 10.1, 10.2, Waro 4.0, etc) you are using of that platform. Then make sure you download the Acrobat version for the platform and version that matches your needs. You will find installation instructions available on the download site.

Using a PDF reader

The Acrobat read provides both a plug-in and a stand alone reader. If the plug-in is not installed for your browser, you will still get the 'download' prompt when you click on a PDF file. Download the file and make note of where in your file system it will be stored. Then launch the Acrobat Reader and open the downloaded file.


You may be asked for a password when you try to open a PDF file. This is a reminder that the particular file you are trying to read is only for those who have been given the password to the file.

Avoiding potential problems

Our PDF files are usually presented with necessary fonts embedded and with consideration for portability. We avoid features added in newer versions of the format specification. These considerations are to assure that the PDF files can be viewed by nearly everyone.

Privileged Directories

When you try to access a page in a privileged directory, you will be asked for your ID and password. These directories are protected because they contain information for a particular committee or group and not for public access. If you forget your password or ID, please arrange with the Leipper Management Group to either update your files or to set new ones.

HTML files

The web is based on HyperText Markup Language (HTML) files. This specification leaves a lot of formatting to the machine reading the page to allow a great deal of flexibility in display of information. Newer versions of the HTML specification allow for greater control of what the user sees and some browsers (web page display programs) have customized and proprietary HTML specification additions. The Leipper Management Group policy is to use an older specification of the HTML standard with no special tricks in order to assure wide compatibility, fast response, and fewer hassles.

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