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Extremely Simple Photo Gallery User's Guide

ESPG is designed to make it easy for you to view photograph and image albums on the web. It uses the frames and javascript features of modern web browsers such as Netscape, Explorer, or Mozilla. ESPG is designed to load quickly, even on dial up internet links and then allow you to choose higher quality viewing only for those pictures you want to more closely examine or save.

When you view an ESPG page, you will see the browser window separated into four frames. Across the top is an album title and description. Down the left side is a list of small pictures, called thumbnails. The largest area is a large view of a single picture. Control buttons are along at the bottom of the screen. The sizes of these frames can be adjusted in most systems by simply dragging the frame borders to suit your convenience.

The thumbnails are sized to be fast to load with just enough quality so that you can tell what the photograph is all about. You can scroll up and down the thumbnails list and then click on one to see the larger or higher resolution and better quality view. If the list of thumbnails is larger than your screen height allows to see at once, you should see scroll bars next to them to allow you to move your view of the list up and down and see all of the thumbnails.

The control area at the bottom has buttons to control which slide to view, its size on the screen, and an automatic timed viewing. You can select to view the first, last, next, or previous pictures in the list. Size buttons choose small, medium, or large to suit your screen. These screen size buttons do not change the picture quality, they just size it to fit your screen width. The timed viewing can be turned off or set to advance from one picture to the next at a slow, medium, or fast rate. When the time viewing is on, you can see a message below the picture indicating the interval between pictures.

To see the highest quality available image, view the image by thumbnail selection or navigation buttons and then click on the picture. This will show the highest quality picture available without any adjusting to fit your screen. Most browsers will allow a 'right click' on the picture to bring up a menu with 'save as' that will allow you to save the highest quality picture image file to your local computer system.

If you get stuck with a garbled screen, you can use the link to the album home page or the link that says 'reset frames' to get back to a proper presentation.

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See the Programmer's Guide - if you are a web site developer and want to learn how to use ESPG on your site.

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