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Membership Organization Support Services

The Leipper Management Group's Membership Organization Support Services (MOSS) is a custom designed database application. It provides a means to manage association membership organization and support membership data based association services. MOSS provides for maintaining complete contact information. Activity aging supports membership fulfillment, dues processing, event registrations, and other activities. Reports are integrated with other applications to provide capabilities for fully indexed directories, web based directories, and e-mail or fax broadcasting to any selected group.


MOSS member records are based on individual persons. The records for each person may include multiple multi-line addresses for mailing, billing, directories, or other purposes. There may also be multiple single line addresses for telephone, cell, and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, or web addresses.

The activities part of a member record includes entries for such things as dues payments, event registrations, contributions and donations, inquiries, mailings, and other events or activities that provide a history of the member's participation in the association. Each of these activities can be aged to support invoicing and billing for dues Aging also assists in keeping track of elected officers past and present and special mailing lists of non-members.

Reports and queries

The full flexibility of a database application is realized in selecting records and preparing a subset of information to accomplish various needs. For instance, dues expiration and status information can be used to determine who should be sent a renewal notice. Membership status can be used to select records for a membership directory or to create address labels for mailings to members only. Officer or committee status may be used to help facilitate the business communication of the association.

Reports also present only desired information to help serve a particular purpose. Mailing lists only need information to be printed on a mailing label. A callout sheet for membership solicitation may only need a name, membership status, and telephone number. Fax broadcasts need specially formatted information for the fax application or service bureau. E-mail broadcasts also need specially formatted information.

Custom processing

The query and report process selects a defined set of records and a subset of the data in those records. This is the basis for many association support needs but often a simple list or table of the selected data is insufficient. Custom processing can take this selected data and prepare it for easy integration with other applications.

Indexed directories: A file can be created with indexing information for import into word processing software. This can then be used to create a membership directory with indices by company and location.

Web directories: In addition to printed materials, a directory can be placed on the web for access by the public.

Fax broadcasting: A report can generate a list of fax numbers to be used to broadcast bulletins to a selected group.

E-mail broadcasting: the protocol for e-mail provides for sending a message to a group of people. Custom processing creates such a broadcast list to facilitate communications for committee groups or other sets of association personnel.

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