Robert Leipper

The purpose of this website is to provide a repository of images and recollections of Robert Leipper. The focus is primarily on the many craft and folk art projects he created. Robert Leipper spent most of his adult life as a carpenter or in other jobs working with his hands. In his later years he used these skills to create a variety of items from doll furniture, to lawn art, to little figures and baskets made from eucalyptus and other seeds. He used found objects and scraps as the basis for most of his projects.

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I enjoyed the way Dad could see something in a seed or a piece of wood or stone and create his little figures, each so unique. But I tended to agree with mother it was a frivolous pursuit. I encouraged him to make things for me that were useful. A good example was a wood butter dish which graced our table for years. It had a brass plate and a wooden knife. He and Dean's Dad covered our patio in Fletcher Hill with lath and Dad came to La Jolla to make a set of brick stairs just as I had requested wide at the bottom, narrowing toward the top, each step curving. He also made a toy box for Dana and Roddy, a work table for Rod, a ping pong table which served well for big family dinners. Always so willing! - Mari Stitt

Photo galleries of Robert Leipper's projects

Lawn art

Various animal and other figures, furniture, and other outdoor items

Seed pod figures and baskets

Gallery 2

Individual figures, wind chimes, and decorative hangings

Miscellaneous projects

Doll furniture, acrylic hearts,

Images and recollections included here are primarily from his grandchildren and his daughter Mari Stitt. His grandchildren include:

Karen (Grosse)Smith

Dana (Stitt) Lovelace

Diane Leipper

David Grosse

Rodney Stitt

Janet (Leipper) Smith

Jeaninne (Grosse) ?

Bryan Leipper

Roberta (Grosse) ?

Anita Leipper

Note: This is an evolving project. It will change over time depending on contributions, ideas, and suggestions.

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