50th Wedding Anniversary

Dale and Virginia Leipper

May 14, 1942 to May 14, 1992

Anniversary Memory Books

These books were created by Virginia's very good friend B. J. Neighbours. They contain pictures, letters and other memorabilia collected in response to a letter sent out to Dale and Virginia's family and friends. These books also contain cards from a wedding shower given to Virginia before her marriage to Dale. The gifts she received are written on the back of many of these cards.

Remembrances from Friends and Colleagues related to the history of Oceanography and Meteorology

The documents in this section are people, many of whom were pioneers in the fields of oceanography and meteorology. Among personal remembrances, there is a lot of material that provides insight into the development of these fields and in particular to the beginning days of the Department of Oceanography and Meteorology at Texas A&M University and at the Naval Postgraduate School.

These are fairly large PDF files

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Remembrances and Review of the lives of Dale and Virginia Leipper

Dale F. Leipper

Virginia H. Leipper