Wally Byam Caravan Club, International (WBCCI) Governance, a case study -
On the nature of an association

Dear Association Leader

Our Club is unique in many ways from almost any other RV related group in North America. We are not a commercial enterprise, we are a volunteer organization with only 4 full-time paid staff but, most importantly, we are a community of Independent Units who choose to affiliate together for our mutual benefit. Conditions for our operation are expressed up through either our Delegates or Regions and back down through the Constitution and Bylaws with all Unit, Region and International officers serving at the pleasure of individual Unit members. – John and Sandie Boutwell, BB Aug 2012

The WBCCI of tomorrow may not be the same WBCCI as today, but I feel confident that it will continue to be a great club as we go forward. Nothing can stop this, so long as we keep our attention focused on our purpose. Believe me, it’s not about minor differences on some of the issues, this is only trivia. It is about what holds us together. The fact that we share the same vision, the same purpose. Our very reason for existence is to provide high-quality cost-effective caravans, rallies and a social structure to all Airstreamers; whatever their race, religion, creed, or reason for owning an Airstream may be. Nobody! No other RV club anywhere in this country, or anywhere else in the world, can do this as well as we can; we are for all Airstream owners everywhere; the world’s greatest RV club. – Joe Perryman BB August 2014

Note: The Leipper Management Group is no longer active due to the passing of time, the increasing regulatory and legal burdens, and the manner by which cultural and technological changes influenced the nonprofit associations. This is a special edition of the monthly bulletin produced when the Group was active. It was prepared by the principals of Leipper Management now retired. Comments and suggestions related to this bulletin should be addressed to hq (at) leipper.org

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